About Us

Pay Ready’s Mission Is To Ease The Process Of Debt Management In A Simple But Effective Manner

Recognizing that there currently are major gaps in communication, technology, and trust from the time a file is determined to be delinquent throughout the collection process, Pay Ready has built an intelligent system that deploys ongoing automation and statistically based solutions to improve collection performance while eliminating friction.

We Value

The Pay Ready team is determined to embody the following values. If at any time our clients or our team members believe we are not being driven by these core values we encourage immediate feedback.

  • Intelligent systems that limit manual processes as much as possible
  • Client centric product development - we build what our clients will use
  • Positive approach - there are positive and constructive ways to approach all challenges
  • The Golden Rule applies to all situations

Our Team

Adam Kat Lynn Dave Elle Michael Charles Tiffany

Our Founder

Lynn Musil, Founder and CEO of Pay Ready, is a passionate executive with an outstanding record of consistent business growth. Lynn brings over 20 years of software distribution experience highlighted by building and leading dynamic teams of incredible people. During his career, Lynn has played an integral role in four successful start-up environments.

Early in his career Lynn was a key member of SafeRent, which was the first company to enable property management companies to make instant, automated leasing decisions based on a statistical credit algorithm disrupting the status quo. Later, while leading sales teams for CoreLogic and On-Site Lynn continued to leverage disruptive technology solutions to greatly improve operational efficiency including an automated renters insurance program as well as an online marketing and leasing platform.

Lynn holds a Master of Science (MS) degree in Organizational Leadership with an emphasis in Strategic Innovation and Change Management, and graduated cum laude with a Bachelor of Science (BS) in Social Science, both from Colorado State University. He is currently enrolled in the Predictive Analytics certificate program at UCI (University of California at Irvine).

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