Letting you focus on current residents while we focus on former residents

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Our mission

To deliver value through technology solutions that help improve the operations of our clients and move their organizations forward.

Pay Ready Team

Client success is our top priority. Team members are willing to do what it takes to take care of the client and make sure the client knows they are a priority. 

Meet our leaders

Lynn Musil headshot

Lynn Musil

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Adam Eberlein headshot

Adam Eberlein

Co-Founder and Managing Partner
Tiffany York

Tiffany York

Chief Product Officer
Kat Billesdon

Kat Billesdon

Managing Partner
Janis Rossi

Janis Rossi

Sr. Vice President, Marketing
James Harris headshot

James Harris, CPA

Chief Financial Officer
Tim Guille headshot

Tim Guille

Chief Client Officer
Ian McIntosh headshot

Ian McIntosh

Sr. Vice President, Client Engagement
Noah Hartkopf headshot

Noah Hartkopf

Chief Growth Officer
Andrew headshot

Andrew Rae

Vice President, Operational Excellence
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Our values


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Client focused

We're all in sales and are always putting our clients first.

Flat structure

Teamwork, not titles, drive success; our flat organizational structure empowers everyone to contribute.

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Picture of Pay Ready team

Embrace mistakes

We encourage our team to make mistakes quickly so we can learn and improve faster.

Empowered team

All Pay Ready team members are empowered to make decisions and drive results.

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Picture of Pay Ready team

Diversity is strength

We celebrate the unique skills, experiences, and personalities of each team member.

Long-term vision

Our commitment to ethics and a long-term view guides our decisions for the benefit of clients and team.

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Picture of Pay Ready team

Under-promise, over-deliver

We aim to exceed expectations, both internally and with clients.

Drama-free zone

We believe in giving and receiving feedback in a positive, respectful way for a stress-free work environment.

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Picture of Pay Ready team

Entrepreneurial spirit

Our spirit is fostered by innovative thinking to drive growth and success.

Time Is our most valuable asset

We strive to make the most of every moment for ourselves and our clients.

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Picture of Pay Ready team

Kind and respectful

Be friendly and supportive of others and yourself. Treat others with consideration.

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Our story

The Pay Ready story began while working for a leading online leasing software company years ago that started augmenting the resident move in process with technology, creating a smoother experience for the resident, providing centralized reporting, and tracking for owners and operators and the idea was, can we take some of those same concepts and apply it to the post-resident process.

Before Pay Ready, the problems that existed with the post-resident life cycle really had to do a lot with the speed to turn. As an apartment operator, one of the biggest costs measured is turn time/turn speed. What we saw is that when a resident moves out, there’s a rush to make that unit ready for a new resident. At the same time, there are many operational items that still need to happen with that former resident.

Post It Notes on a laptop

There’s communication, ledger reconciliation and sometimes a balance due that needs to be recovered, all residing without a proper system. The property staff typically was attempting to manage the process with sticky notes or excel files and there was no real visibility for the operators to know what was happening from that move-out point going forward.

The other issue that needed to be solved was addressing the resident experience and impact to the property post move-out. Often, the resident didn’t know what was owed, the communication was a bit clunky and inconsistent. Some of the residents’ files would be sent to collection agencies, which is typically not the first type of communication a former resident wants to receive post move-out, which ties back to last impressions and experiences with a community, and possibly negatives reviews, which can affect brand.

We realized there needed to be a better solution for the industry and started mapping out a smarter process and strategy. We created a platform that integrates with property management software and really takes over post moveout.

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